Instructions for presenters

Please be punctual regarding the duration of your presentation.


According to the policy of UEMS all speakers/presenters (invited and free papers) must state a potential bias relevant to the topic of the accredited programme/presentation. Such bias must be disclosed at the beginning of the presentation (slide-show or poster). A disclosure form will be given to all speakers in the Speakers’ preview room to be filled in and signed.


All presentations have to be uploaded to the meeting computer system.
The lecture rooms are equipped with a projector, 16:9 screen (also suitable for 4:3 PPT presentations). Please prepare your presentation in electronic version in 16:9 or 4:3 ratio.
Please visit the Speakers’ preview room at your earliest convenience. You are requested to upload and validate your presentation no later than 2 hours before the session starts, or the day before, if the presentation is in one of the morning sessions. Mac OS X presentations will be uploaded to the meeting computer system as well. There will be staff members available to help preparing and validating the presentations.

Specific exceptions may be allowed for invited speakers upon individual agreement with the technical staff in case of a complicated video content. The presenter is responsible for having necessary video adaptors for private laptop connection ready.

Opening hours of the Speakers’ preview room are:
Sunday May 28 : 07:30-17:00
Monday May 29 : 07:00-17:30
Tuesday May 30 : 07:00-13:00
Wednesday May 31 : 07:00-17:30
Thursday June 1 :  07:00-11:30


Please rename your file as follows: presentation number_first name_last name. Confirm the time allocated for your presentation from the session schedule. In some sessions, there is time reserved for discussion after all presentations. This will be indicated in the scientific programme.


Please rename your file as follows: presentation number_first name_last name.
Please note that the time allocated for your presentation is 10 minutes including 2/3 minutes for discussion.


Panels for posters will be displayed in the Exhibition area.
Poster printed size maximum: H = 1,50 X W = 0,90 M (for more visibility)
Posters materials (to display posters) will be provided.
All Panels will be numberated by topic order according to the list in the posters page. Please check out your new poster number, and communicate it to the hostesses on site.

The posters should be displayed during the whole Congress, starting from May 28th 16:00. Posters should be removed on, June 1st by 12:00.
We ask you to pay carrefully attention to the dismantling of Posters. All posters that are still on panels after the dismantling due time will be destroyed.

Authors should be at the posters viewing Session on May 29th - 10:30 > 11:30 for questions, and during the breaks on all congress days.
Moderators should be at the posters for questions during the posters viewing Session.


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