Call for abstracts


The ISRS Abstract submission is closed.
Abstracts are now in reviewing process.
Thank you to all the submitters!

Submissions are sought oral and poster presentations.

Important dates

  • Abstract submission opening: September 2016
  • Abstract  submission deadline: Postponed to February 28 (midnight UC+1:00) (reviewing: March 2017)
  • Deadline for abstract reviewing: April 2017
  • Authors notification: End of April 2017


Language and revision

Abstracts must be submitted in English and should report on results of truly original research in stereotactic radiosurgery/SBRT, and closely related fields that have not been published whole or in part elsewhere. The proposal will be reviewed according to the scientific content and ethical considerations.

Preparation and style

• Do not use typefaces that resemble script.
• The use of abbreviations, except those are widely used, is strongly discouraged.
• They should be used only if they contribute to better comprehension of the manuscript.
• Acronyms should be spelled out at first mention.
• Metric system (SI) units should be used.
• The topic of the communication (see list below) and the field of research should be indicated.


The title should be in small letters with a capital letter at the beginning (no more than 255 characters).

Your abstract should be of the informative type, max. 400 words, containing a statement of the study’s objectives, a brief statement of methods used a summary of the results and a conclusion.

List of topics

You will be asked to choose the following:

Main Topics (for “debate symposium” is being scheduled)

1. Brain and spinal (CNS) metastases
2. Lung cancer in early stage
3. Intractable skull base tumors
4. Malignant gliomas
5. Functional and psychological disorders

Other Topics (for plenary and general sessions)

1. Multicentre studies and clinical trials
2. Recent technology and advances
3. SRS - Brain metastases
4. SRS - Benign brain tumors
5. SRS – Gliomas
6. SRS – Vascular disorders
7. SRS – Functional disorders (trigeminal neuralgia, tremor, psychosurgery, headache etc.)
8. SRS- Epilepsy
9. Fractionated SRS for brain tumors
10. Spinal Radiosurgery - metastases
11. Spinal Radiosurgery - benign
12. SBRT - Head and Neck
13. SBRT - Prostate
14. SBRT - Lung
15. SBRT – Oligometastases
16. Particle SRS & SBRT
17. New ideas and indications in SRS & SBRT
18. Novel Focal Brain Therapies
19. Quality assurance and dosimetry
20. Radiobiology
21. Fraction number and dose calculation
22. Organ at risk tolerances
23. Frameless SRS and image guidance
24. Integration of multimodality imaging, (fMR, MEG…)
25. MRI technical nuances for radiosurgery
26. Management of pediatric patient
27. Immunotherapy & radiation
28. Organs at risk and tolerances
29. Radiobiology/oncogenesis
30. Charged particle radiosurgery

Special lectures

1. How to design a trial
2. Protons - recent technical developments
3. What treatments might benefit from hypofractionation?
4. Differentiating radionecrosis from tumour progression

«Main debate symposium» will be a joint session with a debatable topic related to several medical fields including SRS/T and SBRT, other related fields, and also relevant congresses with invited leaders.

For any question related to the submission of your communication please contact:  




On Thursday 1 June, during the Closing session, the Young Professional ISRS Award, the Young Investigator Award and the Best Poster Award will be presented.
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